The dunes are our home and nomadism our roots

We are a small Berber family born in the decierto of the Sahara. Driven by an incredible desire to undertake, to make our culture known and to offer a unique and different space in the place where we were born, we have started this exciting project.

The nomadic character of our parents, who have also collaborated in the construction of the camp, has been printed in our way of understanding the world. We understand travel as a way of life, an experience that transforms you, enriches you and helps you grow. This is the philosophy on which we have built our little project. The love for our land, the nomadic lifestyle and our roots impregnates with its essence the final result.

For us, there would be no greater reward for the effort and illusion invested in Sunrise Sahara Camp than for those who visit us to return home with the imprint of our family and our people in their hearts.