We offer

Natural environment

Our haimas are located in a unique setting at the foot of the Ergg Chebbi dune sea

Cultural immersion

One of our features is to bring our guests closer to our land, our customs and our culture to make their stay an enriching experience.


We bet for sustainability, and through various actions, such as the use of amenites from recycled and refillable containers, consumption of local products, Km0 or own, use of furniture created by us with recycled materials and treated inan ecological way … All these actions and more, serve to promote the elimination of the carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

Things to do

Sunrise Sahara Camp, is not only an accommodation but a space that, located in the heart of the Sahara, seeks to create life experiences. The aim is is to offer guests the opportunity to approach our way of life and our customs. For this we have created different activities. In addition, our privileged location allows us to put at your disposal other types of activities that, although not typical of our environment, find in it a perfect space to develop.

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